Florence Accommodation: FAQ

What are TuscanyAccommodation.com, AgriturismoInToscana.com, FlorenceAccommodation.com and FirenzeAlloggio.com?
They are all guides dedicated solely to accommodation in Tuscany (TuscanyAccommodation.com and the Italian version AgriturismoInToscana.com) and to Florence (FlorenceAccommodation.com and the Italian version FirenzeAlloggio.com). They are all organized as catalogs of holiday rental lodgings organized by type of property, location and services offered.
How can I find the best accommodation for my holidays?
You can start your search from the dynamic maps, clicking on the destination you prefer to view the properties available in that city or area. Or you can browse the thematic categories which list lodgings by type, city or geographical area, and by services offered. You can also search for your lodgings through our search feature, selecting the type of characteristics you are looking for.
How can I contact the rental property I'm interested in to request availability and complete cost details, as well as to book my stay?
Our reviews and dedicated pages on the properties all offer at least one or more direct links to the properties' official websites. By clicking on these links, you'll be able to contact the owners directly through their website and ask for more detailed information on rates, availability and to book your stay.
I've found several properties I'm interested in, can you give me details on availability and then book my stay?
This is not possible, since TuscanyAccommodation is not a travel agency. We offer reviews on the various hotels, farmhouses, b&bs and other rental properties listed on our site for informational purposes. Ti find out availability and to book your stay, you must contact the lodging structure directly through the contact information indicated on their official website. By booking your stay in this way, you will get the best conditionsand rates for your stay, avoiding any extra commissions charged by intermediaries.
I own/manage a rental property in Tuscany and am interested in being present on your guides. What are the conditions and costs for the review? How do I proceed to obtain a review of my property?
Holiday rentals in Tuscany with their own official website can be reviewed on TuscanyAccommodation.com and AgriturismoInToscana.com, while those within the Province of Florence will also be reviewed on Florence-Accommodation.com and FirenzeAlloggio.com. The listing within these guides has an annual recurring fee and includes the properties' presence in the relative categories, maps and searches. Contact us indicating your rental property's website and we will offer more details on costs.
Do you also review websites managed by an agency?
No, within our guides we only review the official websites for the properties offering the hospitality directly, where generally the owners are identifiable. The only exception is for hotels which are present on our guides through our partner Booking.com.
How do you review sites that present more than one property?
There might be times that an official website presents several lodging properties belonging to one owner. In general, each review on our website corresponds to a single property but we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether various physically-adjoining properties found on the single website can be presented within our Tuscany Accommodation network as a single hospitality structure or not.
We would like to add our rental property to your website, would it be possible to work together on a commission basis?
This is not possible since we only review websites of rental properties on our guides on the payment of an annual, recurring fee.
How is the order of properties listed on each page determined?
There are various factors which determine the order in which you see the properties on each page. These include the type of review listing purchased (Basic, Premium, Top...), whether there is a link toward one of the sites of the Tuscany Accommodation network (if there is a link, listings receive priority), the physical proximity to the coordinates set for that particular page, publication date (the longer a listing is present on our guides without interruption, the higher up they will be in the list).
How can I check how many visits my website received from the Tuscany Accommodation network?
We highly recommend you install web analytics on your property’s website. The popular and free service offered by Google Analytics ( http://www.google.com/analytics/ ) allows, when configured correctly, to clearly trace the source of visits to your site as well as the possibility to trace the source of actual contacts you have received from forms on your site. Thus, is it possible to trace both visits that originate from the listing on our network websites as well as how many of those visits actually turned into requests for further information or for bookings.

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