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A Roof with a View, take a pic and win a holiday in Florence!

Last year’s edition was a great success so this summer it’s back!
The cool initiative called “A roof with a view” is back this summer, including the photographic contest to to win a trip back to Florence! The most beautiful terraces of hotels and restaurants in Florence open their doors to the public until September 30, 2012 offering breathtaking cityscapes: those who will be able to catch the best panorama win a holiday back in Florence.

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Florence is the Favorite Travel Destination in Europe

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

The popular U.S. magazine Travel and Leisure conducts an annual survey among its readers to identify the world’s best travel destinations.

This year over 80000 magazine readers replied to the poll and finally few days ago, the top 10 destinations in the the world was revealed.

Florence came in second place worldwide, preceded only by Bangkok, therefore making it the best city destination in Europe, before other popular cities such as Istanbul (3rd position), Rome (6th) and even Paris (tenth placement).

How can we not be proud of this accomplishment?! :)

It’s not clear if who participated in the survey has already seen Florence or still in the planning stages to come visit. What is certain is that the famous “cradle of the Renaissance” is ready to welcome everyone for a really unforgettable stay.

An Agriturismo in the Center of Florence?

One of the most popular searches on FlorenceAccommodation.com, and also on Google, seems to be farmhouse in florence center. We imagine that anyone doing this search is actually thinking of a farmhouse farmhouses near to the center of Florence, looking in fact for something in the countryside, otherwise what type offarmhouse would it be? :-)

At the same time, the thought takes up back to the times when Dante walked around the city, when the city was much smaller that now and farms were located just outside the city walls and the main monuments were really just a few steps away from the woods and you could get fresh air as soon as you left the city walls. Today’sagriturismo, however, were born much much later. ;-)

Today, to find the first actual working farm estates near the city, you need to go look a thte area of Scandicci, or toward the boundaries of the Florentine Chianti area, in the vicinity of Pontassieve or in Fiesole. You can also consider all of the accommodations in the area around Florence up to arrive to Mugello seeing as it is easy to reach with public transportation as well as by car and be able to enjoy the calm serenity and authentic Florentine countryside without being too far from the historical center of the city.

Neat to imagine the countryside in Piazza Santa Maria Novella!

How cool to imagine the countryside right in the center of Florence! (Photo by Maria Lumbreras Arcos)

The Duomo of Florence replaced by Montefiascone Cathedral !

Google Maps: shows the Duomo of Montefiascone instead of the right Florence Duomo :-)

Google Maps: showing the Duomo of Montefiascone instead of the Duomo of Florence :-)

We’ve been receiving calls from some of our visitors saying that the maps across our websites, in particular in pages such as
http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/florence-historical-center/, that the Duomo of Florence is showing up labeled as the Montefiascone Cathedral and can we fix it…? We are here to reassure everyone: we checked this morning and our very own Duomo of Florence is still sitting in its rightful spot, more imposing than ever ;-)

The beautiful Basilica of Santa Margherita, or Montefiascone cathedral is still in Montefiascone, even if its transfer to Florence would have been a great occasion to visit it. It seems that Google Maps at the moment is convinced that the cathedral of Montefiascone took over the place of Florence’s cathedral, and all maps (including those on websites such as ours that use Google’s great map service) are currently showing this curious error. It also seems that this mistake is only showing up on the internationl version of Google Maps: search for “Florence Italy” to see it yourself. On the Italian version of Google Maps the Florence Duomo is right where it should be.

We’re sure this is a short-lived blimp of the Google Maps service and that our beloved Florence Duomo will soon return to its rightful spot for international visitors. In the meantime, you can rest assured that you can continue to book your room with a view over Florence’s famous Duomo ;-)